Lawn Care Services


Lawn Mowing

It takes many small factors to equal a healthy well-maintained lawn, Including:

  • Sharp blades (we sharpen our blades daily)
  • Maintaining a schedule for cutting
  • Balanced fertilizer plan (soil test may be needed)
  • Proper irrigation
  • Proper soil structure (aeration, soil amendments)
  • Keeping weeds and pests at bay
  • Overseeding every 3 years (based on cool-season grasses bluegrass/fescue)
  • Cutting grass at the proper height


Benefits of New Leaf Lawn mowing:

  • Clean looking lawn
  • Defined edges
  • Healthier lawn
  • Having a professional there every week to access problems with lawn or landascape
  • We encourage you to let the responsibility of your lawn rest on our shoulders. It starts with a free lawn analysis with your free estimate. We give you service options to fit your budget, and the freedom to add/remove services at any time.
  • Enjoy a ‘worry-free’ spring summer & fall. All on a budget.



Fertilizer Program (6-step)

  1. first round of pre-emergant with a slow-release granular fertilizer
  2. second round of pre-emergant to prevent weeds, with weed control
  3. slow release nitrogen feeding with broadleaf control
  4. a balance feeding of nitrogen-phosforus-potassium with grub control
  5. another balanced applicatio with broadleaf weed control
  6. this is a heavy feeding just before winter to ensure a fast and healthy start for next year (most important)






  • thickens turf density (helps fight weeds, disease)
  • i mproves roots strenghth (more drought tolerant, tougher grass)
  • breaks down thatch ( heavy thatch can cause shallow roots and fungus)
  • enhances water/fertilizer uptake (you get more BANG for your BUCK with fertilizer program)






Power Raking (physical removal of thatch)

Excessive thatch causes: (best-case)

  • weakened turf with more weeds
  • grass getting brown after mowing
  • grub damage(worst case)
  • fungal disease
  • grass roots growing in thatch/not soil

Benefits of Power Raking:

  • healthy/strong root development
  • clean/green look to lawn
  • grass greening faster in spring
  • better uptake of fertilizer
  • thicker turf



Spring/Fall Yard Cleanup (leaves and debris)

  • Let us remove all your leaves as they fall and what was missed over winter.
  • Stop looking at dead leaves and sticks, there is green grass underneath.